VOLUME 44, NO. 1
			January 1995
In this issue:

10  The MDM Fox, a new aerobatic two seater from Poland. Wes Myszak.
18  A five day course.  Denby Holmes revisits the Mulgawinkie Gliding Club.
20  In defence of the shake test.  Gary Sunderland.
22  Growth - do we need it?  Noel Matthews.
23  The cold shoulder.  Bob Wander, reprinted from Soaring.
26  What's happening in P.R.  Nigel Allom, chairman of the GFA PR committee.
27  Customer service - gliding style.  Nigel Allom, reprinted from Airflow.
28  Promoting gliding in Germany.  From Der Adler, translated by 
    Emilis Prelgauskas.
30  Everything is big at Avalon.  Volunteers are needed for the forthcoming
    air show.  Nigel Allom.
30  Promotions and membership - references.  For those who care.
31  What is this thing called wave?  Stephen Schmidt shares a learning experience.
34  The Australian standard thermal.  By Barry Wrenford.  A classic, reprinted for
    your enjoyment, from AG, October 1969.


5  In the circuit - including club news, Narrogin wave camp, ASC 50th, 
   latest from Lake Keepit, Barossa regatta, email listings, more on that
   long flight in NZ, news from Germany. 
20  Airworthiness directives   33  Book review  38  50 and 25 years ago
39  Readers' letters.  40  Classified advertising  42  Soaring calendar

				This month's cover:  The centre-piece
				of the display at the Macquarie Centre
				in Sydney, seemed an appropriate 
				illustration to match the theme of 
				this issue.  Photo by Michael Shirley.

VOLUME 44, NO. 2 February 1995 In this issue: 11 The Omarama Cup. A report from Team Manager, Beryl Hartley. 12 Hot day in Hotel Tango. Ray Munn discovers the joys of cross-country. 14 From the Secretary General of the FAI. Max Bishop. Some very interesting thoughts we thought well worth reprinting, from Air Sports International. 16 Great but small glider pilots. By Bertil Ohlsson and Gosta Arvastson, Sweden. This gem is reprinted with kind permission from Erik Berg, who compiled Stories by Great Glider Pilots all over the World, Vol. 2. 20 Knowing the limits. Emilis Prelgauskas expresses his concerns. 21 Dehydration, some food for thought. Martin Jarvis, reprinted from Glidabout. 22 World Gliding Championships, day by day. What happened in Omarama, and who won. Brought to you by the modern miracles of faxes, phone, and the internet! 36 A clock for competitions. Tim shirley. 38 Nimbus 4DM. The latest self-launcher, from Schempp-Hirth. 40 GFA - "G" for good value? asks Chris Stephens. 42 Canopy repairs. Gary Sunderland explains how. -- - - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including new aircraft for RAAF Richmond, Canberra, and Adelaide Uni clubs; Tug pilots' seminar in WA; new president at GCV; life members at ASC; regatta at Renmark; hints and gadgets; Air League course at Waikerie; news from the FAI, and from Germany. 42 Airworthiness directives 43 New badges & certificates 44 50 and 25 years ago 46 Readers' letters 48 Classified advertising 50 Soaring calendar This month's cover: Bradley Gould took this shot of David Jansen crossing the finish line at the nationals at Lake Keepit last season.
VOLUME 44 No. 3 March 1995 In this issue: 9 The 1995 Indian-Pacific Transcontinental Expedition. How to break a drought! Darcy Hogan and Henk Meertens took part, and describe the epic journey. Photos by Darcy Hogan. Map of Route Taken - by Beverley Matthews [16K GIF] 16 National inter-service championships at Leeton. From Mark Dorney. 18 Aussie Party. Roger Woods describes the social highlight of the Omarama competitions. 21 COVER STORY - World comps pictorial. The event in pictures. Thank you to all the photographers who supplied the many illustrations. COVER PHOTOS: clockwise, from the top of page 1: Cloud over Omarama, Keith Willis; Ray Lynskey shoots for the moon in his Nimbus 4, Martin Simons; John Buchanan's Discus on the grid, Jo Pocklington; Ron Tabery, Nimbus 3, USA; Bradley Gould; Yuji Morinaka, DG300, Japan, Bradley Gould. 33 The owner and operator. Gary Sunderland explains their responsibilities for the airworthiness of their sailplanes. 34 Corowa '95. The national sports and two-seater competitions. Reported by Emilis Prelgauskas; scores courtesy of Gary Hollands. 38 The Beverley Regatta (at Narrogin). Martin Gregory emailed this account of a fun week at Narrogin. 40 A curate's egg regatta. Allan Ash reports on the vintage regatta at Nyah. 42 Proposal for new world record categories. By Chris Stephens. 43 "R.H.M." What is it? Raymond Low explains. 43 Australian national records. Chris Stephens suggests improvements. - - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including news from Mangrove Mountain; ultimate aerobatics at Avalon; IGC president visits Gawler; a pioneer passes; 50 years in Canada; DG505 flies. 46 New badges & certificates 46 Readers' letters 47 50 and 25 years ago 48 Classified advertising 50 Soaring calendar 50 Index to advertisers.
VOLUME 44, No. 4 April 1995 In this issue: 11 COVER STORY - Dawn to Dusk flying day at Narrogin. Organised and reported by Anna Gregory, who set an example by being up early for the first flight. The cover photograph by Uwe Peter shows Steve Wilks and Kent Jonssen with Club Libelle GMI. 14 A memorable flight. Harold van der Linden represented the Netherlands on the Indian-Pacific expedition. He recounts the story of one flight he made during the trip. 17 Three wins for Klaus. Chris Kiehn interviews Brigitte Holighaus. 18 The 1995 WA Gliding Championships. This interesting report (by email!) from Martin Gregory. 22 What is ASAC? By Phil Vabre, ASAC President. 24 Nyah Pictorial. Some photos from the Geelong club camp and the VSA competition held at Nyah during January. 26 Sea breeze at Morowa. From Dick Sasse. 27 OSTIV at Omarama. Allan Patching reports on the meeting held in NZ. 30 Early gliding in NSW. Some historic photos from Bruce Edwards. 32 To enter the Barron Hilton Cup. By Gary Hollands. 33 Decentralised competition, progressive results. Gary Hollands. 34 Waikerie regatta. Bill Mudge reports. Photos by the editor. 36 From the world comps: Thanks to BHP; Australian tug at Omarama; A retrieve on Friday 13th; Crew Chief's Lament. 38 On the internet. Some comments on the recruitment and retention of members. 42 Protective coatings. Gary Sunderland continues his airworthiness advice. ---- - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including new operations in WA and NSW; new certificates officer; storms at Waikerie and Beverley; Bordertown regatta; Internet communication; OAM to Gus Mauch; overseas news - nationals in NZ and South Africa; Final glide. 10 Airworthiness directive 40 25 years ago 40 Readers' letters 43 New badges & certificates 44 Classified advertising 46 Soaring calendar 46 Index to advertisers
VOLUME 44, No. 5 May, 1995 In this issue: 12 The Morning Glory of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Douglas Christie and Russell White. COVER PHOTOGRAPH by Russell White shows the Morning Glory near Burketown, from a Grob 109. 19 Newman - Jandakot, 1,100km. By Michael Gurr, reprinted from Soardid. 20 The Aquitane Gliding Club. By Ian Barraclough, reprinted from Thermal. 22 Riding the wing of the Nimbus for a record 1,000km. Roger Druce of the VMFG describes the flight and the weather conditions which helped! 27 1996 national sports and two-seater championships. John Maddocks. 28 Gliders at war. First of two parts, by Rudi Salter. 32 Electronic delivery system - for oxygen efficiency. Joe Luciani 34 The Wimmera Glider Dolly. Latest in the 'gadgets' series, Max Hedt tells how to build the Rolls-Royce of dollies. 38 Unusual experiences with the weather. Don't just be a fair-weather flyer, says Allan Ash - you'll miss out on a lot! 40 Certificates of airworthiness. Gary Sunderland's airworthiness series continues. 41 Flutter. By Doug McLennan, reprinted from Soardid. 41 More on thermalling. Peter Fauser, reprinted from Gli-Chat. 42 A dozen ways to practice for cross-country when local soaring. Maurie Bradney. - - - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including move for Townsville club; gender equity program in WA; plenty of XC's from Horsham; successful display at Avalon'; Heart of Australia tour; Balaklava pylon race; Barossa reunion; Final glide - Peter Deland. Overseas news - SSA publicity ideas; records tumble in South Africa; news from Germany; PW5 in NZ. 44 From the internet 44 50 years ago 45 25 years ago 45 Letter to the editor 46 New badges & certificates 46 Pelicans 48 Classified advertising 50 Soaring calendar 50 Index to advertisers.
VOLUME 44, No. 6 June, 1995 In this issue: 10 PW5"s in New Zealand. The new world class glider is FUN, say the pilots of the Wellington Gliding Club. Photos by Rajiv Prasad. 16 World championships 1995. Bruce Taylor shares his thoughts on the future of the world event. 20 COVER STORIES: Winglets. The way to go, says Tracey Tabart. His wingletted Cirrus was photographed by John Lee. 21 Khancoban. Story and photograph by Darcy Hogan, who says its a great place to fly! 22 Avalon Dustshow Downunder. Wet last time, dusty in '95, reports Nigel Allom, who organised the gliding effort. 24 Dollars and Sense. Part 1. Rudi Salter, with a new series designed to assist those interested in their club finances. 26 1995 Flight safety seminars. Mike Valentine. 27 Ventus 2c takes to the sky! Latest from Schempp-Hirth. 28 Unbelievable! Keith Willis flew along in an ASH25, with his camera. 30 The Schleicher ASH26E. Report from Bernard Eckey. 36 Construction of the American Falcon. First in a series of progess reports, from John Absolom. 39 Gliders of World War 2. Part 2. Rudi Salters concludes his stories of the part played by gliders in WW2. 44 Form 2 due for changes. Airworthiness series, by Gary Sunderland. - - - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including reunion regatta at Forbes; GPS sporting code rules; 'Australian Soaring' on the internet; nationals for Gawler. Overseas news from Germany; Genesis prototype flying in the USA. 19 Pelicans 46 Handy gadgets: a knot it's not! 48 Readers' letters 49 Book review. 50 New badges & certificates 51 50 and 25 years ago 52 Classified advertising 54 Soaring calendar 54 Index to advertisers.
VOLUME 44, No. 7 July, 1995 In this issue: 16 COVER STORIES: The rebirth of Albury-Corowa. By Ross Larcombe. Cover: the new club's IS28 on winch launch at Corowa, photo Ross Larcombe. Back cover, inset. An Arrow waits to launch into those clouds...Photo - Leroy Simpson (Story, page 19) 18 The boss looks in.. Rudi Salter, on the lastest airworthiness course at Bathurst. 19 Powlathanga glide '95. Story and photos by Leroy Simpson. 22 Silent it is. From Sailplane & Gliding, Ann Welch describes the latest small sailplane, from Italy. 24 Testing Easter at Gawler. Matt Ryan reports on the ASC Easter regatta. 26 Dollars and Sense, Part 2. Rudi Salter. 28 New oxygen delivery system. Roger Sparks tests a new system. From Gliding Kiwi. 30 Gliding at Fayence, France. Peter Hewitt, reprinted from Mangrove Mountain Soaring. 32 Construction of the American Falcon, Part 2. John Absolon continues his series. 34 International Gliding Commission meeting. Roger Woods reports. 38 Report on mentor training. Gary Sunderland's airworthiness series. 40 Decentralised competition - final results. Gary Hollands. - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including: Vintage rally for Quensland; Kentucky Easter; Flight Safety seminars; Age is no barrier; Documentation is important; GCV dinner and farewell to Reg Pollard. Overseas news - more PW5's for NZ; NZ nationals, news from Germany. 41 50, and 25 years ago. 42 New badges & certificates 42 Reader's letter 43 Classified advertising 46 Soaring calendar 46 Index to advertisers.
VOLUME 44 No. 8 August 1995 In this issue: 10. Ridge soaring - Elephant Hill. Dave Medwin and Stephen Kittel of the Port Augusta GC tell of a new campsite in the Flinders. 12. Anniversary for Far North Queensland. Story and photos from Len Brown. 14. Watching paint dry. Robert Bradley describes how to untwist a wing! 16. Not so lonely heights...a hypobaric chamber 'run'. Rick Agnew takes us along with a group from the Canberra club. From Wavelength. 20. Avalon '95. Ian Hardy takes us behind the scenes, as he crews for Manfred Radius. From Plane Sailing. 24. The membership solution. It's a lot to do with appearance, says Howard Leslie. 26. Dollars and Sense, Part 3. Rudi Salter concludes his series on finances. 28. New rules for the FAI nationals. Tim Shirley explains the implications. 32. Teaching gliding - some views on instructing. From Richard Pincus. 34. Pilot vision. Reprinted from Aviation Safety Letter, Canada. 36. Reported accidents and incidents. From Mike Valentine, Director of Operations. 38. The 'Bar Chart': to encourage cross-country flying! From the editor. - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including Gympie Gold Rush Vintage Rally; AWPA award to Lisa Frank; Southern Cross presentations; latest from nationals, from Gawler and Renmark; Lake Keepit - rising like Phoenix; Final glide - Wally Mills. Latest from overseas. 37 Book review "New Soaring Pilot". 40 50, and 25 years ago. 42 Readers' letters 44 Classified advertising 46 Soaring calendar 46 Index to advertisers COVER PHOTOGRAPHS Front: looping the Geelong Club's Puchacz at Bacchus Marsh on 29 January, are Bill Johnston and Doug Cooper (front seat). Photo - Bill Johnston. Rear: Two Discuses (or is that Disci?) cross the finish line during the world comps at Omarama. Photo - Martin Simons
VOLUME 44 No. 9 September 1995 In this issue: 3 The year book cover. The Antactic Snow Petrel was photographed by Mark Collier. 10 From the President. Annual report, by Henk Meertens. 12 An aviary of gliding types. Reprinted with kind permission of free flight, continues throughout this issue. 13 US Sports Nationals. Tom Gilbert shares his experiences at Albert Lea. 16 Information in gliding. Emilis Prelgauskas explains the workings of the Ferries-McDonald gliding technical library. 18 Flying in the French Alps. Mitchell Turner has just returned, with a preview of flying at St. Auban. 22 Weather to glide. Or should that be 'whether to glide?'. Mike Hancy tells all about the preparation of temperature/height diagrams, for forecasting thermals. 30 Production of AG. For a Year Book feature, the editor takes readers through all phases of production of our magazine. 36 Membership trends - fact and fallacies. Beverley Matthews has done some research for the Development committee. 38 The future of 15m class - in the balance? Asks Roger Woods, calling for input from pilots, before the next sports committee meeting. 41 Decentralised competition rules updated. Gary Hollands 42 Writing for AG. Help to make the editor's task easier. Noel Matthews 44 Photographs for AG. Noel Matthews 46 Proposed GFA daily membership. Roger Woods explains the reasons for the proposal. 50 GFA annual statistics, 1994/95. Compiled by the Secretariat. 53 National records as at July 1995. Supplied by David Jansen 57 GFA - annual information sheet. The who's who, at August 1995. 60 FAI statistics. From Gary Hollands. 62 World gliding records, July 1995. From the FAI. 66 The safety chain. Airworthiness series - latest from Gary Sunderland. 67 1994 world records, and a checklist for setting world records. By Max Bishop, Secretary-General of the FAI. Reprinted from Air Sports International. - - - - - - - - - - - 6 In the circuit - including new aircraft for Central Coast and Darling Downs; Heart of Australia tour; contact numbers for AG and GFA Sales; new Schleicher agent; no smoking means funds for WA clubs. Latest from overseas - first 1,000km flight in UK. 68 50 and 25 years ago. 70 Readers' letters 74 New badges & certificates 74 Index to advertisers 74 Resource addresses 75 Classified advertising 78 Soaring calendar Included with this issue: Directory of Australian gliding clubs 1995.
VOLUME 44 No. 10 October 1995 In this issue 10 Go around (..you idiot!). Darcy Hogan - gazing at the clouds. 12 Outlanding at Mount Mary. Judy and Ingo Renner. It was one of those days... Illustrated by Doug Thomson. 15 Firing up the troops. By Tony Burton. Reprinted from free flight. 16 A journey to the forbidden land. Bruce Taylor in France, with a detour to check the latest from Germany. 20 VMFG and "The Great Outdoors". Ian Patching gives us the story behind the TV programme. 22 Reg Pollard, glider engineer/clubman extraordinary. Jim Barton, reprinted from Airflow. 23 Choosing the right trailer tyres. Peter Mayman, reprinted from Airflow. 25 Accident in New Zealand. From Gliding Kiwi, comments by the editor. 26 Barossa visit to Lochiel. Photos by the editor. 28 The cu-sonde, new technology for thermal forecasting. Stephen Foster. 33 Aare you ready for an accident? Allan Ash gives some thoughts on prevention. 36 Airspace negotiations - a brief history. The latest in this ongoing, ever changing saga, from Bob Hall, CTO/Ops. 38 The sporting coach update. Lisa Frank and Peter Trotter. 40 "Wood is good". Philip Beale reports on a SAGA course held this July. 42 Glider inspectors please! What's in a name - quite a lot, says Gary Sunderland. 44 Aeronautical decision making. From Geoff Horwood. - - - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including diamonds at Bunyan wave camp; Gympie vintage rally; latest on sporting code; glider donated to museum; event in Hopetoun; the Bar Chart; final glide - Reg Hancock. Overseas news from Germany and Canada. 25 New badges & certificates 42 Airworthiness directives 43 Book review 45 Reader's letter 46 50 and 25 years ago 48 Classified advertising 50 Soaring calendar. COVER PHOTO: John Holland crosses the finish line at high speed in ASH25, ZHW. Photo - editor. BACK COVER (inset): Darcy Hogan recorded a frontal passage approaching Moorabbin control tower - story on page 10.
VOLUME 44 No. 11 November 1995 In this issue: 10 By glider from Camden to Canberra. Norm Bloch takes us for a flight. 11 Champagne wave flying. Malcolm Ferguson describes the recent Canberra GC wave camp at Bunyan. 14 COVER STORY. An uplifting experience - when a plan comes together. Rick Agnew's story of his record breaking wave flight which set new Australian absolute altitude records for all classes. The photograph was taken from 33,000ft, at the top of the climb. Thredbo village can be seen on the road which winds through the valley. 20 New ASW27 into production. Details of the latest from the Schleicher factory. 24 Don't spin in after a cable break. Gary Davies, after attending a safety seminar. Reprinted from Wingtips, magazine of the Barossa Valley GC. 26 Simulating cable breaks. Photographic record by the editor of cable break training. 28 The future of the 15m class - the sports committee decisions. From Roger Woods. 29 Working out. Darcy Hogan gets involved in RAPAC and a workshop. 30 1995 AGM/ACM. Redmond Quinn reports on the recent meetings in Melbourne. 31 GFA life membership to Allan Ash. 32 GFA annual dinner. Emilis Prelgauskas reports, with photos from Alan Patching. 34 Daily (Introductory) Membership. Roger Woods gives a full report on the ACM decisions. 36 The written word. Latest in the airworthiness series from Gary Sunderland. 38 A puzzling question. Mike Valentine gives the answers. 40 Coonamble - a tidy town. Bob Dekker records a visit - reprinted from the Journal of the Southern Cross GC. 41 Practical promotion - 1. Instant photographs can promote gliding. 42 Aero-tow trapped in IMC. We couldn't resist reprinting this classic, which first appeared in AG in October, 1970. - - - - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including: Maryborough club seeks CFI; Latrobe Valley GC moves; NSW sports/two-seater championships; national sports and two-seater comps, Renmark; Calendar for Christmas? Overseas news - News from Germany; world aerobatic championships; news from Austria. 23 FAI corner 45 Readers' letters 46 50 and 25 years ago 47 Classified advertising 49 Index to advertisers 50 Soaring calendar.
VOLUME 44 No. 12 December 1995 In this issue: 8 Fly accurately. By James Cooper, reprinted from Soardid. 10 Saltbush Soaring. Alan Oakley, Whyalla & Districts Gliding Club. 11 A rest from gliding. But it didn't turn out that way, explains Len Deikman. From Mangrove Mountain Soaring. 14 Gympie Gold Rush vintage glider rally. From Ray Viljoen. 16 A Winter's Tale. Ray Munn reminisces about a Christmas in the cold. 18 The annotated High Flight. From ASCent, journal of the Alberta Soaring Council. 20 QSA State Comps 1995. Mitch Preston reports. 22 Disorientation. From Medical facts for pilots. (Aviation Safety Letter) 24 Heart of Australia tour. Bruce Tuncks would do it again tomorrow! 28 More on introductory membership. Roger Woods, GFA executive officer. 30 Down Under. Reprint of part of an article written by Robert Marriott, for the US Homebuilder magazine. 32 Gaggle flying. By Terry Cubley, from the Geelong GC magazine, Plane Sailing. 36 Behold...a mystery. Who moved the stick? Allan Ash tells the story. 38 GFA Information sheet update. 38 Aeronautical terms. An addition to any soaring dictionary. 39 The giggle hat v. the baseball cap. Howard Leslie. 40 Just another retrieve... Bill Johnston, from Plane Sailing. 41 Time gentlemen please. Gary Sunderland's airworthiness series. 42 Decisions, decisions... Darcy Hogan. 44 Simplified scoring system. Hans Nietlispach, IGC delegate from Switzerland, puts forward a suggestion. - - - - - - - - - - 5 In the circuit - including people in gliding; news from around the clubs; overseas news - new record in NZ; news from Europe; BGA competitions; European Ladies' championships. 45 50 & 25 years ago. 45 New badges & certificates 46 Reader's letter 46 Airworthiness directive; Operations directive. 48 Classified advertising 50 Soaring calendar. COVER PHOTO: Father Christmas is here again! Flying in his trusty Hornet, he was photographed speading a bit of cheer over the Ararat airfield. This will be the scene next month for the VGA vintage glider regatta and the Homebuilt Sailplane Association function.

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